PARIS, SAGEM amphitheatre 

February 15th 2012 from 9am till 6pm

In the framework of the dissemination activity that is carried out throughout the project, the TAUPE Consortium is very pleased to announce the TAUPE Final Dissemination Event: Aircraft Powerline Communication. After 42 months of fruitful collaborative work, this event will take place in PARIS, SAGEM amphitheatre, Le Ponant, 27, rue Leblanc, 75015 PARIS on February 15th 2012.

The dissemination event is open to the public. Partners from the project will present their achievements in order to increase public awareness of the project, its objectives, industry stake in the project and our results and conclusions.
This event is intended for anyone interested in the research topics addressed by the project: aeronautics, PLC-related technologies, EMC, etc. We are expecting attendees from industry (mostly aeronautics, but also automotive, railways, etc.), universities, research centres and SMEs.

During this day, will take place:

  • Presentations of consortium partners: PLC and PoD consideration in aircraft environment, project methodology, network measurements and modeling, modem development, safety issues, V&V approach, project outcomes…
  • Presentation of the benches developed within the project for PLC and PoAFDX technology demonstration
  • Exhibition and demonstration of the Cabin Mock-up, with a cabin lighting system using PLC technology
  • Discussions and social networking around coffee break and lunch time

For more information, follow the links:

See you soon!
The TAUPE Dissemination Team